sea en seo voor cultuur

Google Display for culture and museums

Museamarketing is a specialist in Google Display campaigns for museums and culture.

We generally recommend using Google Display temporarily around exhibitions, events and holiday periods. This is an excellent addition to often ongoing Google Search / Grants campaigns.

Google Display – what is that?

The Google Display Network is a collection of websites, videos and apps in which your Google ads can be displayed. Consider, for example,, Buienradar, Eropuit websites, video channels on YouTube, etc. Google knows where the target group is.

In the Display Network we use specific targeting to show your museum advertisement to certain target groups. Such as: parents with children of primary school age, people who are “in the market” for sightseeing and tourism, people with a certain interest, people in certain locations, and so on.

In the video and the gif you can see various examples of Display campaigns for Valkenburg Castle, the Overloon War Museum and Museum De Bastei in Nijmegen.

Stand out and reach the target group

Before we start setting up Display campaigns, we determine what action you want to achieve with your message. Then we look at the ad content and ask for a nice set of photos and logo.

The advertisement layout by a designer is possible, but not necessary. The advertisements are immediately and flexibly compiled in all required formats via Google Display.

Target group Google Display

The power of Display is that we can define the target group in a very targeted manner. Do you want to reach men and/or women, of a certain age, with or without children? In your region or very specifically a small radius around your institution or in another location?

As a strategy, Google Display is a good addition to Google Search or Grant's campaigns. We would be happy to tell you more about it. Here you can plan one yourself non-binding telephone appointment in.