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Of Google Grants you will receive $ 10,000 from Google every month to spend on Google Ads. The world-famous search engine gives non-profits the opportunity to share their charities and beautiful museums with the world in a budget-friendly way.

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Do you want to start with Google Grants or better results?

Do you want to start with Google Grants for your foundation or non-profit organization? Or are you already using Google Grants and would you like a second opinion on the results? Museum marketing achieves optimal results from your Google Ad Grants budget. Museum marketing offers:

Permanent contact person;
Senior Marketers;
Leisure & culture specialists;
Proactive advice;
Great commitment to results.

Meer museumbezoek met Google Grants

Maximum results Google Grants

Get more museum visitors with our help through Google Grants. Using Google Grants, you create awareness and inspire new visitors. The ads work almost the same as Google Search Ads. An important difference is that as a foundation or non-profit organization you can receive as much as $ 10,000 per month to use for free.

Museum Marketing will arrange the entire application for you. We optimize and maintain your campaigns. Even if you already use Google Grants and are wondering whether they function optimally or whether you want to outsource the management of Google Grants, you can contact Museamarketing.

Google Grants

Apply for Google Grants

The Google Ad Grants Program gives nonprofit organizations the opportunity to advertise on Google's search engine at no cost. To qualify, businesses must complete the application process, and to maintain the grant they must follow and remain in compliance with the program details. Check whether your non-profit organization is eligible for this. These are the qualifications:

• Have current and valid charitable status.
• Acknowledge and accept required Google Grant certifications related to receiving and using grant donations.
• Have a website that functions and provides sufficient information about your organization.

We, Museum Marketing, check for you whether your museum is eligible for the Google Grants according to these qualifications. This way you can be sure that you can get started with the grant before submitting an application.

Good to know

As with any 'grant', this one also has some limitations or conditions. For example, your daily budget will need to be set to $ 329 ($ 10,000 per month). Furthermore, you cannot have keywords with a CPC of more than $ 2.00. Your advertisements only appear on Google, you cannot or may not use Search Partners. In addition, you can only use text ads with your Google Grant. Display, Video or shopping advertisements cannot be created.

Finally, there is the budget. It is a challenge to use the amount optimally. You'll see that spending $ 10,000 on Google Ads can be harder than you think. However, with the right techniques and strategy, the amount can be spent optimally. We arrange the Google Grants for your museum in just 4 steps.

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The 4-step plan to Google Grants

Registering and creating your Google Ads with Google Grants is easy using our 4-step plan:

1. We check whether you are eligible;
2. Register and obtain token via TechSoup, or SOCIALware network;
3. Google Grants application (Google for non-profit);
4. Museum Marketing creates and manages your Google Ads for Google Grants.

It can be that simple. We will delve deeper into the different steps below.

Google Grants aanvragen stap 1

Check eligibility for Google Grants

Google Grants aanvragen stap 2



Google Grants aanvragen stap 3

Request at
Google Grants

Google Grants aanvragen stap 4

to arrange &
to maintain

Register with TechSoup

After we have checked whether you meet the requirements for obtaining a Google Grant (step 1), we will register you with TechSoup or SOCIALware. This is an organization that helps non-profits obtain the necessary technological tools at affordable rates.

Your Google Grant application

We will then process your Google Grant application. It is good to know that if we start working for your museum and your application is rejected, you will get all your money back. So no cure no pay. There is therefore no risk involved. However, for this it is important that your organization is registered as a non-profit or Anbi foundation in the Netherlands, VZW in Belgium or gGmbH in Germany. You provide us with the necessary information and we will do the rest.

Once the application is complete, we will activate your account and get started. We discuss in consultation what the priorities are, what your website and target groups look like and what we want to focus on with the advertisements. Once you're selected to receive a Google Grant, we'll build and manage your Google Ads account. You own the account, we take care of the design, management and optimization.

Google Grants

Google Ads with Google Grants

We have arrived at step 4 of the step-by-step plan: creating and managing your ads. There are many things that we take into account. We list the tips and tricks we use for this below:

1. The right keywords

One of the most important things about your ad is quality and the right keywords. Your ads are shown to the right people depending on the keywords you use. Obvious keywords (such as museum) and – smart – less obvious keywords depending on your target groups, your offer and your region so that you attract visitors across a broad spectrum. With the right bidding strategy we will focus on conversions.

The keywords or keywords you use also receive a quality score by Google. This is determined based on the relationship between the keywords, your ad texts and the copy on the landing pages of your website. So it is good to think beyond your advertisements and use words that are actually relevant. Museum marketing helps you find and determine the right keywords for your advertisements and landing pages. We conduct data-driven keyword research. We use Google's Keyword Planner for this.

2. Strategic campaigns and ad groups

We organize your keywords into categories to maintain an overview and enable targeted advertising. For example, all ad groups within a campaign lead to a landing page. This way we can set up a relevant customer journey. An ad group contains one or more ads that share a group of keywords. Each ad group has its own bidding strategy and budget. We keep the amount of the Google Grants to be spent in mind.

3. Attractive landing pages

Google ads are only part of your marketing and Google Grants plan. The landing pages that the ads lead to are also important. When we work with you to choose the right keywords for your organization or non-profit organization, we will of course also look at your website.

4. Focus on conversions

The ultimate focus of creating and managing your Google Ads is on conversions. The more conversions on your website, the better for your museum, but also the better for your Google Ads. Setting up conversions is also a requirement from Google Grants.

We want the right – interested – people to click on your ads. Google wants that too. Conversion tracking helps us trace the journey your website users take from clicking on the ad to converting. We use this information to optimize your ads, landing pages and strategy and to ensure the retention of the Google Grant.

To measure conversions, we ensure the correct link with Google Analytics. Make sure you set up Google Analytics 4 as Universal Analytics will no longer collect data from July 1, 2023. Read more about Google Analytics in our blog. We also set up Google Tag Manager for you so that we can optimally set up conversions.

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The Google Grants step-by-step plan of Museum Marketing

Download the Google Grants step-by-step plan and get started with us. We help you reach even more visitors. Museamarketing arranges for you to use $ 10,000 monthly for Google ads that really work.

Contact us now and don't waste your time!

Want to know more about Google Ads? Be sure to read our blog about it Google Display for museums.


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