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Musea Marketing makes Google Ad Grants work for you like a machine.

3 major benefits of starting with Google Grants

1. $ 10,000 free advertising credits per month

Google Grants means $ 10,000 free advertising credits per month, made available by Google.

2. More relevant visitors

When we have set up Google Grants, we generate (free) relevant traffic for your website. How many potential customers search for (your) offer in your region?

 3. Learning about visitors

AdWords generates more traffic, and this is possible also provide more insight into what kind of visitors come to the site and how they use the site. Useful lessons for optimizing your website or building a possible new site.

Ad Grants by

Easy to apply

Museums marketing will guide you through the application process and ensure that your application meets the program requirements of Google Ad Grants and Techsoup.

Effective campaigns

With years of experience in (online) marketing for museums and extensive knowledge of the leisure and culture sector, we develop a great campaign together. 

Worry-free management

We work on the account every month. This way, you get more and more returns from the Ad Grants campaigns, and you run no risk of losing Ad Grants status.

Sounds interesting? Send a message and we'll tell you more