sea en seo voor cultuur

SEO search engine optimization 

Museum marketing helps cultural institutions – including museums – to be easier to find online in search engines. To make a difference in this regard and make the website stronger, we also offer SEO services. What exactly is SEO?

SEO for museums and culture

Search engine optimization or SEO (Search engine optimization) is the expertise and approach to become easier to find within search engines (particularly Google and Bing). A place in the search results is free. With SEA (Search engine advertising) you pay for the click. This is of great importance for every sector and an indispensable part online marketing for museums.

SEO consists of content, technology and link building, among other things (design / usability are also increasingly included). Also consider:

  • Loading time and structure;
  • Is the site inviting (low bounce, pages per session and session duration);
  • The ability to change SEO parameters (meta descriptions, page titles, alt texts of images, etc.
  • Sitemap;
  • Improve internal link structure;
  • Converting landing pages (where the goal is for the page visitor to perform the desired action).
SEO voor cultuur

 Museum marketing: SEO approach

Based on the keywords that are important museum marketing works for you to achieve better positioning the search engines. We do this step by step.

1 Keyword research => 2 Competitor analysis => 3 Website architecture =>  4 Technical design => 5 Copywriting => 6 Link earning => 7 Maintenance

To this end, we can start with a basic SEO process. In this SEO process, we look together at interesting niches.

Museum marketing: SEA (including Google Grants)

We can use SEA to achieve results quickly. A major advantage for cultural institutions and museums is that they are often entitled to Google Grants. In that case, you are entitled to a monthly free advertising credit. Museum marketing is specialist in Google Grants.

The use of SEA (whether or not via Google Grants) is in addition to or instead of SEO.