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Online marketing specialist for museums

Do you want more visitors in your museum? The online marketing of your museum improvements help new visitors find your museum and make interested people even more enthusiastic about your museum. By using smart online marketing strategies, your museum will also become a permanent fixture on the internet that brings visitors to your museum. Together with you, we will take your online marketing to the next level. Read all about our museum marketing approach below.

Online visibility of museums

Greater online visibility affects many target groups: from schools, families, historically interested people to investors. Musea Marketing works with you to ensure that your museum has an online presence and is even easier to find. This includes services such as (online) strategy determination and the use of SEO and SEA. By using Google Grants, we even help your museum in a budget-friendly way.

Team Musea marketing

Who is Museums Marketing?

Museum Marketing is a core team of two marketing specialists, Rob and Ivan, who want to take the marketing of your museum to the next level. This core team is supplemented according to customer demand. Museum marketing specializes in: museum marketing, with an emphasis on everything related to online marketing in the museum and leisure sector. It is an initiative of Point (Online) Marketing and works together with the collective Clay. That's a whole lot of experience and expertise around Google Ads, SEO, SEA and social media together. Discover below what you can contact us for!


“Rob and Ivan work as a team. Rob is on the creative side: where are the opportunities, what else could we do. While Ivan does the technical part, he takes care of the bits and bites of our online communication. I get exactly what I need, nothing more, nothing less.” It gives me a reassuring feeling that we don't have to get everything out of ourselves, but can also lean on Rob and Ivan.”

Erik van den Dungen

Director, War Museum Overloon

Online marketing for museums

A good digital marketing strategy allows you to reach the right people with the right message. Online presence is a must. We support you with expertise, tools and techniques to sharpen your digital marketing. Think of Google Ads, social media strategies or SEO.

Google Ads

Being well represented on Google seems self-evident. Yet it is not always that way. Or, your museum was able to get a spot on the search engine, but only on page 8. That is not ideal. Musea Marketing helps you draw up a good strategy to rank higher on Google and also make optimal use of Google Ads, online advertisements.

Google Ads come in different shapes, sizes and prices. As an online marketing agency, we advise you on using Google Ads such as Google Search, GoogleDisplay, Google Video and Discovery Ads. When is the best time to use this? How do you get started? And which image and text will attract the most clicks? These are all questions that we will work on together with you. By using keywords smartly, using the right images and advertising at the right time, in the right place and with the right targeting, your ads can lead to conversions. Among other things, your museum will find its way to page 1 of Google in no time.

We also carefully examine all data in a smart way to further optimize the campaigns. This way you can advertise more specifically and over time you will learn what works and what doesn't for your target audience and you can advertise more efficiently when you organize an event or launch a new exhibition.

Google Grants
Google Search

Google Grants

When you choose to work with Musea Marketing on your Google Ads, we also look at the solutions and options available Google Grants can offer for your ANBI Foundation or your non-profit organization. Google Grants is a Google platform for non-profits and the cultural sector. We will check whether you qualify for this. If so, you will receive 10,000$ Google Search advertising credit sponsored every month. Google Grants also provides many insights into reaching relevant visitors.

We take care of measuring the data by setting up conversion measurement via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4. We also optimally set up Google My Business for you for the best findability and provide solicited and unsolicited advice about your website with the aim of conversion. optimization.

Measuring is knowing. Every month, customers receive a clear report from us with the results achieved. We regularly meet to hear the latest plans and think about how we can connect to them with online marketing.

Social media

In addition to your website and Google Ads, (paid) social media messages are also increasingly important. However, that does not mean that you have to be present on all social media. By choosing smartly, you can work with social media in a targeted manner without getting lost in it. We closely monitor trends for you so that you don't have to but can still enjoy the attention and benefits. Think of catchy short videos, the use of the right hashtags, or current trends.

Social media allows you to reach your target audience in a human and interactive way. You have the opportunity to address potential visitors in an accessible way. Museums Marketing supports you in a feasible way social media strategy that suits your museum and attracts the right committed followers. This way you can get the most out of free social media messages. Would you also like to look at paid posts on social media channels? We can also take care of that for you. This way you certainly don't waste money on ads that don't work or are not attractive to your target group.

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SEO and SEA 

An important part of online marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Do these letter combinations not mean much to you? Don't worry, Musea Marketing will help you optimize all your digital marketing, social media and Google Ads based on SEO and SEA.

SEO for museums

By smartly using keywords in the right places on your website, social media and in your ads, surfers can find you more easily. People who are looking for information about your museum or the theme your museum is about, search for you using key words. This can be done on search engines or social media. SEO for museums However, it goes even further than that. Nowadays, loading time, link structures on your website and SEO parameters are also becoming increasingly important to be easier to find.

SEA for the cultural sector 

Although SEO is a free technique to be found more easily, SEA is not. SEA involves paid advertisements. You can reach quite a lot of people with a limited budget. Especially if you use SEA smartly and think carefully about your strategy. Especially thanks to Google Grants, which we talked about earlier SEA is an interesting technique for museums and the cultural sector. Paid Search Engine Advertising is often added to organic SEO. This is to get noticed online faster.

Virtual Tours

Finally, Museums makes Marketing virtual tours to put your museum even better in the spotlight. These can give a boost to all your online marketing and are versatile. Using a virtual tour you can beautifully showcase your event or museum. You immediately attract attention online. A virtual tour is a short video through your museum or event that gives a first impression and can stimulate interest among potential visitors.

Google Maps photos

We also take 360 degree photos for inclusion on Google maps. These provide a 360-degree view of a room, stage or part of the museum that you want to put in the spotlight or promote. This piece of high-quality technology can be an initial teaser to excite your stakeholders. A virtual tour does not immediately reveal your entire museum or exhibition, but rather encourages people to discover even more.

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Team Museamarketing

Get started together with your online museum marketing

As a museum or player in the cultural sector, you can no longer ignore it. You must be present online and optimally visible in various places such as your website, Google and social media channels. By using the right techniques and the latest technology, this can be done in an attractive and budget-friendly way.

Being present on social media and Google doesn't have to be a challenge. It can put your museum in the spotlight in a new and more accessible way. We at Museum Marketing are happy to support you in this. Together we will look at what the best strategy is for your museum, exhibition or event. We use the right techniques and communicate your message without losing the identity and mission of your museum.

Please contact us without obligation and get started with us!