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Social media strategy for museums and the cultural sector

Online channels are an integral part of the resource mix for museums. Museums face the challenge of capturing and retaining the attention of (potential) museum visitors online. With the right social media strategy, you can reach more potential museum visitors than ever before. How can you use social media more consciously? And how do you maintain the focus on the right channels and content?

Content strategy for museums: determine your target group

Start by choosing the social media channels for your museum wisely. As a player in the cultural sector, you certainly do not have to be present on every channel. Choose focused and work smart. As a museum, you choose one or a few channels that suit your target audience. Do they spend more time on Facebook than on TikTok? Then the choice is quickly made. By doing some market research, you will quickly discover where your target group moves. Museums Marketing can help you with this. We immerse ourselves in the target group and draw up customer profiles.

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Content creation

You then communicate to your target group on your social media channels according to your mission. Is the mission of your museum to teach interested parties as much as possible about astronomy, technology, the Second World War, the Middle Ages or the history of your region? Then that is an important starting point, together with, among other things, your “Unique Selling Points” and positioning. Sound complicated? Don't worry, because we will help and formulate the most important foundation of your museum together in a brainstorming session. This foundation will become the basis for both your content strategy and your marketing and communication plan. Think of things like the Golden Circle: how, what, why, your mission, your vision, core values, and so on. We include these matters together with your customer profiles in drawing up a successful content strategy.

With good planning and interesting content, you can inspire most people in an infectious way. Be sure to consider videos and following trends. Even more, by using the right tools and deploying them properly you can create synergy in the content you use on various channels. This way you keep everything clear and manageable.

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Tone of voice for museums on social media

Finding the right tone of voice for social media is something that many museums, companies and individuals struggle with. This is not an easy job, especially for museums. You often have a broad target audience consisting of different profiles that want to be addressed in different ways.

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The voice of a museum is the personality of the museum that emerges in the communication. For a museum this is often, authoritative, knowledgeable, intellectual and open. But the voice of your museum can also have a completely different identity, such as playful, interesting or accessible.


The tone of voice is the way in which you as an agency communicate on a specific channel to a specific audience. The tone of a museum can therefore be different on television, in the newspaper or on social media. The voice is always the same.

You can make a difference by strategically choosing your tone on social media. As a museum you will communicate in a more accessible and human way on social media. It is important to include this in your strategy to get the most out of this without losing the identity of your museum.

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Measuring is knowing

When your social media strategy is determined, it is important to monitor it carefully.
Does your chosen strategy appear to have been successful for your most important target group(s)? When (day/time) does your message score best? And which content does better than others? You can only know this by measuring and analyzing the data you receive. Museum marketing works with the right tools to measure this and report clearly.

Together with you, we look at the data that the social media channels collect for you. We make a report of this and discover what we can improve. We record which messages encourage action or engagement by your target audience. Unexpected things may emerge or you may find that what you expected was confirmed. Don't hesitate to adjust your strategy based on what the data tells you. This is the only way to improve your social media strategy. The more data you collect, the more efficient and attractive your social media will become for all your stakeholders.

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Working together with social media

Get started with us and plan your social media content smarter, more effective and efficient from now on. Based on a good analysis of what the foundation is for your museum, you can create attractive content for your ideal visitor. Smart tools and well-coordinated planning make the content strategy for your social media channels efficient.

Museum marketing supports you in setting up your social media strategy, bringing synergy to your content, measuring your social media messages and gaining insight into the collected data.

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